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Top 5 Best Foosball Table Reviews And The Only Guide You”ll Ever Need

Whether you are a novice foosball player or an enthusiast who is looking forward to adding a new foosball table into the recreational room of the house, it is for sure that buying the Best Foosball Table is a great investment. This is the recreational table game which is played by two or four players, and the game is quite fun filled and enthralling.

To make the purchasing decision a bit easier, here are some helpful tips to Buy Foosball Table. You will also come across with Foosball Table Reviews below which are worth considering.

The Types of Foosball Tables You Want!

best foosball tableThere are different types of foosball tables, and the Foosball Table Price is based on the type of table you choose to buy. The type of foosball table you need to buy depends on how you would be playing the game. The common type is the standard foosball table which is a full-size gaming table widely used. The tabletop foosball table is the smaller shaped table which is perfect for kids gaming and also for rooms where space is restricted. Combination game table is another type which can be converted into different types of table games. Coin operated foosball table is the one which is mainly used in businesses like sports bars and arcades. So, you need to decide the Best Foosball Table amongst these as per your purpose and recreational room size.

Goalie Configuration

Goalie ConfigurationAnother important factor to consider while buying the Best Foosball Table is the configuration of the goalie. There are foosball tables with single man goalie, while some models come with three-man goalies. It is completely on your personal preference which you want to select. If you want the fast-paced game and then go for the three-man goalie and if you want to play the game where more precision and skills are required, then prefer buying the Best Table with one person goalie setup. If honing your skills in the game is the prime focus, then the table with single man goalie would help you become a better and skilled foosball player.

Table Levelers

table levelersPlaying fair game means choosing the Best Foosball Table that comes with table levelers. This is the necessity of the game, and you need to ensure buying the foosball table that has table levelers and work towards the same basic functioning. So, when you in the market and intend to buy the foosball table ensure to look for the table levelers that maintain a fair gameplay.


foosball tableAs far as materials are concerned, you will be amazed to know that foosball tables come in a variety of materials ranging from solid wood to composite and particle boards. The Best Foosball Table is the one that is made out of solid wood materials, and the inferior quality table is the one made out of particle boards. The composite materials fall between these two material and have some added advantage than particle boards and solid woods. The solid wood materials are subject to humidity, while the composite won’t get affected by the humid climate. So, it is durable and won’t wrap. However, particle boards are the Cheap Foosball Table, and it is not considered because of its poor construction.

Table Surface

table surfaceAnother important thing that you need to consider while buying Best Foosball Table is the surface of the table. It is always beneficial to purchase the table that comes with a laminated surface rather than the stick on designs. The models with stick-on designs usually peel off and easily roll up over time. This is the problem which will hamper your gameplay. The laminated models come with a smooth surface which enhances the overall gameplay and also increases the speed of the ball, and it would travel faster than the boards with stick-on designs. So, if you want to enjoy good playing experience, then ensure to buy the foosball table with a laminated surface.

Comparision Table For Best Foosball Table:

Reviews of Best Foosball Tables

1. Lancaster 48″ 3 in 1 Pool Billiard Slide Hockey Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table

Lancaster 48 3 in 1 Pool Billiard Slide foosball tableWhether you are fanatic about playing hockey or you are a pool shark or want to include the table game in your recreational room, you will get it all with Lancaster 3 in 1 48 Inch Combination Game Table. This is the combination foosball table which comprises of all three sports in one, and you can enjoy playing them with this single table.

This is the convertible game table which comes with the features of all your favourite games in a single table. So, it caters your unique gaming needs, while saving your space in the recreational room without compromising on fun. Switching from one sport to another is a breeze because of its easy convertible tabletop.

The game table comes with a manual scoring system that you may use to keep monitoring your wins and progress and also the losses in the battle with your friends in the billiards, foosball or slide hockey game. The sport table comprises of built-in storage which can be used for storing all the game essentials when they are not in use. So, this 3-in-1 arcade game table features some exciting features for everyone in the family. So, get ready to test your skills in these sports with this single game table.


  • Easy switching from one game to another in seconds
  • 3 in 1 arcade game table with foosball game, slide hockey and billiards
  • Compact in size that consumes less space
  • Manual scoring system on each side


  • The table is short enough and not suitable for people above 6 foot in height
  • The support beams at the bottom come snapped in half

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2. Lancaster 54-Inch Foosball Game Room Table

Lancaster 54-Inch Foosball Game Room TableIf you are looking for the best foosball table for enjoying the game in a friendly manner, then ensure buying the Lancaster 54-Inch Foosball Game Room Table. This is the compact size table which easily fit into the recreational room of your house, and it offers you the best gaming experience. This is the 54-inch game table which is quite big for enjoying the game comfortably, and it features all the necessary things that are required for playing the game. Moreover, the table comes with all in one traditional bead score system which you may use to keep monitoring your score and the goals. The table has robot style players, and the stainless steel rods that enable you to play the game and best square legs and the players are reinforced with 1-inch side apron and 5 inches oversized leg levellers. This guarantee higher stability and durability while playing the game on this game table.

The game table also features coordinating colours that compliment any recreational room theme and comes with 2 soccer balls colures back. The game table also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 90 days and it very light in weight which is easy to carry and transfer from one room to another.


  • Traditional bead scoring system for tracking the goals
  • Robot style players and stain steel rods
  • Square legs reinforced 1-inch side apron and 5 inches of oversized leg


  • Comes with flimsy stickers and hollow leg corners
  • Not suitable for people with good heights

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3. Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories, Mini Size

3. Foosball Tabletop GamesLet yourself loose and have some good times with your family and friends while playing foosball on this mini size Foosball Tabletop Games Table. This is the 40-inch foosball game table that comes with features to allow you to enjoy a simple twist on classic foosball. Built with premium grade materials for highest durability and sturdiness and it can be used for small gatherings and roughest of crowds as well. Each rod in the foosball table is half inch steel plated chrome with handles made out of ergonomic plastic for a sturdy and smooth grip. The foosball table is lightweight and easy to assemble and break down and you will find enough leg room corners for playing the ball and making goals to win.

Since it is compact, storage of the foosball table won’t be a hurdle anymore, and it saves lots of space. The table comes with a padded base which prevents scratches and wears and tear to the playing surface. The table has ABS constructed playing pieces which allow spinning speedily and effortlessly and has foam padded folding legs, and it is the perfect combination for any playing conditions, and it is easy to manoeuvring. You will find this foosball table quite helpful and amazing in gatherings and also in crowded places too.


  • Compact and travel size foosball table
  • Authentic foosball table
  • Foam padded and foldable legs for several surfaces
  • Chrome plated steel rods with wooden handles
  • Easy to assemble and break down


  • It is good only for passionate and fanatic foosball players
  • Need skills to play on this foosball table

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4. Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

4. Sport Squad FX40 40-inchSpend your leisure time enjoying few twists on the classic foosball with the Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table. This is the compact size foosball table which is easy to assemble and comes with all existing features to make your gaming experience thrilling. The game table comprises of pre-assembled chrome plated steel rod which has ergonomic rubber handles which deliver you with sturdy and comfortable gripping while playing the game. The players in the game are 3.7 inches tall, and they are made out of sturdy plastic, and it can hold up to even the competitive plays. The game table is very light in weight and comes with rubber padded legs which provide extra protection, and the game table can be carried easily in next birthday event, BBQ and any other gatherings.

The game table also features dual realistic looking football and comes with features that are easy dual ball returns on both the sides which make the game play smoother. The game table features foam cushioning legs at the bottom that protect the surface from damaging and scratching. So, you can enjoy playing on this foosball table without worrying about damaging the surface. Since it is compact in size storage is not an issue.


  • Protective bottoms with foam cushion protection
  • Ergonomic handles and sturdy rods
  • Compact in size
  • Convenient balls return and smooth gameplay guaranteed


  • The knobs are lacking in rubber protection
  • Rubber handles are quite harder

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5. KICK Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table Squire, 33 inches

KICK Compact Mini foosball tableKICK Compact Foosball Table which is made for the foosball enthusiasts, and it is a 33 inches foosball tale that offers you with the best surfaces to enjoy gaming with your friends and family. The foosball table is designed after several years of researches and development, and hence a new standard has been created for the foosball table. You can choose this stylish option to fit easily into your lifestyle and your gaming experience. The foosball table guarantees easy assembling and breakdown, and it is an old school style which comes with sturdy features to make your game play smoother. This is the foosball table that has all the features with sturdy stainless steel rods with ergonomic handles padded with rubber.

KICK Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table Squire is the compact sized table which consumes very less space in your recreational room and storage is not an issue with this table. This makes a right choice for the foosball players that are restricted with limited space. Moreover, it is light in weight, and hence it is easy for carrying the table wherever you go to enjoy hours with foosball entertainment. Moreover, the table comes with a convenient front ball return on each edge of the table and has slide scoring mounted on each side for monitoring the progress and scoring in the game.


  • 33 inches of Squire Table
  • Comes with both 1 goalie and 3 goalie design
  • Slide scoring mounted on each side
  • Convenient front ball return on each edge
  • No slip grip black handles


  • Not suitable for people with good height
  • Assembling can be difficult sometimes

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