Step by Step Guide On Foosball Table Setup

Step by Step Guide On Foosball Table Setup

Putting together or assembling your foosball table from scratch can be a complicated task for you as you have not done it earlier. The foosball table package comprises of several accessories and parts which need to be assembled professionally and precisely to enjoy the game to the fullest. This can be a frustrating job for you to assemble the table, especially when you not aware of the methods and techniques of Foosball Table Setup.

When you buy Foosball Online, it comprises of all the instructions for assembly in the manual. But, following them as mentioned can be a challenging task as different Foosball Table Brands have their unique ways of assembling the table. Below is the step by step guide on Foosball Table Setup.

Look for the Manual of Manufacturer for Foosball Table Setup

Every manufacturer provides the manual along with their product so that buyers can check it and assemble the foosball table accordingly. So, when you buy from Best Foosball Table Brand, you are likely to get the manufacturer manual in the package which comprises of step by step guide for Foosball Table Setup.

You need to follow the detailed instructions mentioned on the manual for successful assembly of the foosball table.

The manual comprises of steps with drawings to make things easier for you and the package also comprises of all essential accessories and supplies that are required for assembling the foosball table.

Assembling Legs of Foosball Table

The first step for Foosball Table Setup is to connect the legs to the foosball table.

You need to flip the table upside down and take out the four legs that come with the package and fix them in all four corners of the foosball table.

There are bolts available for all four legs which you need to use to fasten the legs with the table tightly. After the legs are tightly secured flip the table back and start with the second method of Foosball Table Setup which is putting the rods through the table cabinet.

Putting Rods and Players to the Rods

In total, there are 8 rods, of which four rods are available for each player. For each rod, there are three plastic players or men. However, in some Best Foosball Table for Home, there are four players for each rod, and this depends on your preferences of the gamers. As far as a goalie and defensive goalies are concerned, you may either use 1-3 goalies in the last rod.

There are holes on both the edges of the foosball table, and through these holes, you need to pass the rods. First, insert the number of plastic men into the rod using the holes in the plastic player body and then insert the rod in the holes that are available on the edges of the foosball table.

Once you are done with the process, your Foosball Table Setup is completed, and you can now enjoy playing the game. You are required to check the manual of the manufacturer for further instructions on the Foosball Table Setup.

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